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If You Have Clutter, Listen Up!

Most people are fearful about change. When we make change, we are not exactly sure what the outcome will be or what specifically will happen. This can be an uncomfortable feeling.

The more you eliminate fear, the easier it is to make change. The easier it is to make change, the easier it will be to let go of your excess clutter.

If you feel stuck in any area of your life, you should begin to sort through and get rid of some of your possessions. The actual process of physically letting go of objects from your life creates a release of some of your old habits. You begin to realize that making premeditated change can be liberating and even exciting. It feels good to create more space in areas that were once crowded and stagnant. It is amazingly simple and surprisingly effective.

Try it. I guarantee you will feel better when you add more space to your life!

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7 Tips for a More Organized Closet

1. Keep all clothing and shoes off the floor

2. Keep the floor clear easy to clean

3. If you don’t have built in shoe cubbies and you have extra pole space, use hanging bags for shoes

4. If you need more drawer storage and you have the extra pole space, use hanging shelves for jeans, sweats and other bulky items

5. Use space bags or plastic bins on the top shelf for off-season clothes

6. Remove lids from hampers so clothes actually go into the hamper instead of getting stacked on top

7. Separate and organize clothing items by the way you determine what to wear in the morning. Variations include dividing by color, occasion or warmth.

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Reinventing Yourself After A Layoff or Corporate Downsize

Reinventing your career with more ease by adding space to your life

The best way to begin reinventing yourself after a layoff is to begin removing the physical clutter that has accumulated in your life. I am talking literally about the stuff that has piled up in and around your home.

As you clear your clutter, set your intention to get clarity about what you love to do and what type of work will make your heart sing.

As you create more open space within your home and begin donating your excess, you will begin to see more clearly how much good you already have in your life. With that will come an awakening about what career will resonate with your life purpose.

It might sound strange but please try it. Worse case scenario, you will be less cluttered but since I have witnessed big results with hundreds of clients, I would wager that your reinvention will happen with more ease and joy!

The more space you have within your life, the easier it is to shift away from the old and begin anew!

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When to Turn to Temporary Self Storage Options

When to Turn to Temporary Self Storage Options
Before you read this article, make sure you re-read the title: When to turn to TEMPORARY self-storage options!

The best way to de-clutter your home is to get rid of things and to spend some time organizing. Self storage is definitely not the best the solution for clutter. However, it is an excellent temporary solution in a few different situations. Here are a few of the situations that might cause you to turn to self storage:

1. Moving

You may find out that you have to leave where you currently live and move across the country for a few months or a few years for a job. In this type of relocation situation, you may want to leave some of your things behind because you know you’ll be moving back. In cases like this, there’s probably no need to move everything you own with you, and you may want to store your things in a self storage unit to keep them safe until you get back.

If you’re moving to another city and do not think that you’ll be returning to your current city any time in the near future, it may be a good idea to just bring your things with you. Moving with a lot of stuff is definitely more difficult. You can always get rid of some things to downsize your move.

2. Sentimental Attachment

If you’ve just inherited your great-grandma’s 18th century furniture, you may not have enough room for it in your home. However, since it belonged to your grandma and was special to her, you may want to keep it. In this case, you could consider turning to self storage to temporarily store your inherited items until you move to a larger home or make room for them in your current home.

There may be other instances when you have a sentimental attachment to something and are not ready to fully part with it. Self storage can be a solution in just about any situation that involves things that hold emotional value. Just remember that it’s better for self storage to only be a temporary solution, especially because of the long-terms costs associated with it.

These are the two most common situations that cause people to turn to self storage. Other situations like new people moving into a home and the need for someplace to store a boat or RV because of Homeowner’s Association restrictions are also common. Self storage can be very useful, but it’s wise not to use it as a crutch for simply owning too much stuff!

About the Author: Jessica Johnson works in the self storage industry, regularly traveling to see locations like a self storage facility in Kailua-Kona. In many locations, like a Shawnee self storage facility, Jessica Johnson helps her customers store seasonal sports gear when it is not being used for outdoor activities or equipment for home improvement projects that are waiting to happen.

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Another Shoe Organizing Idea

I came across this idea on Pinterest and love it! I thought I had seen every possible shoe organizing solution until this ‘do it yourself’ idea. I think I might try it in a few of my client’s closets!

This is what the pinner said about her solution: I am in the midst of reorganizing our master closet and am drowning in shoes. I have a few shoe organizers but none that are working well for me. I came across this ingenious idea for organizing your high heels using decorative crown molding!

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Tips for Keeping Track of Notes Taken During Meetings

Tips for Keeping Track of Notes Taken During Meetings

Here’s a challenge that I am certain many of you face: What to do with notes taken during meetings.

You might feel like they should be transcribed, but never find the time. Or perhaps the papers need to be filed, but you don’t’ really want more paper and are not sure how you’d find it later.

Here’s a possible solution:
Purchase one notebook take it to all meetings where you will take notes and keep all notes within. If you by one that is 8×11, you can file it away in between meetings into your file drawer or into your stepped action system.

You can label it with whatever makes sense to you if you are using it for more than one venue. ONLY take notes in that notebook.

PS make sure it is perfect bound so loose pieces of paper wont end up floating around your office.

I hope this helps!


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Organizing Your Linen Closet and Downsizing Your Sheet Collection

Last Sunday I spent a bit of time purging and organizing my linen closet. I found out that what I teach is often what I most need to learn!

Organizing Your Linen Closet and Downsizing Your Sheet Collection

Part of the reason we do not let go is indecision. We cannot decide what to keep and what to let go of. This was part of my muck as I began to sort my linens. In fact, this is what has kept me from doing this task for the past 6 months. The tags on the sheets fade and/or the size is never clearly marked.

Because I couldn’t read the tags, I was not sure what size sheets I owned. This made it all but impossible to determine how many of each size sheet I had in my closet.

I feel that every bed should only have two sets of sheets, one for ‘in use’ and the other waiting… Most of us, including myself, before this weekend, has way too many sheets! We buy them and then neglect to get rid of the old sets. After all, they might come in handy as drop cloths or whatever excuse we make up in our mind for needing to kep them on hand.

So, in order to help make the decision about which sheets to get rid of, I decided to measure them. This definitely tis a 2 person job and I am so thankful that I had someone on hand to help!

Before we began this process we found a great website that gave us measurements for each type of sheet. After that, we measured and sorted into piles – full, queen, king: flat, fitted, duvet etc.

Once I knew how many sheets of each size I owned, it was really easy to get rid of my excess. Yippee!

Here is the bedding size chart that I found online at

Remember, you only need two sets of sheets per bed. You can keep three sets at the most per bed and only if you have an extra seasonal set: flannels, silks etc…


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Why Being Organized Can Make You Healthier

Why Being Organized Can Make You Healthier

Having a cluttered home makes it very difficult to find what you are looking for. Living in clutter can also cause stress and other health problems. It is not uncommon for individuals to purchase furniture to help them get organized. For example, a bedroom vanity can help someone who wants to organize his or her bedroom, and it can enhance the décor of the bedroom as well.

Purchasing furniture to keep your rooms organized is a good idea; however, individuals who have excessive items in their homes tend to clutter up the shelves and top surfaces of their furniture as well as the floor space around it. This diminishes the look of the furniture, ruins the décor of the room, and causes the home to look unkempt and be unsanitary.

Many individuals have a strong desire to collect things. When buying collectibles, people do not think about the day they will have to part with these items. In fact, most people have difficulties parting with material items, particularly those with sentimental value. The inability to get rid of things that are no longer being used is the primary reason for clutter in many homes around the world.

When people fail to throw away items that are no longer in use, they tend to store them in areas of the home where there is extra space. Extra bedrooms, basements, attics, and closets are just some of the areas where people store clutter. Once these spaces fill up, individuals generally begin storing items in visible areas, including living rooms, dens, porches, and backyards. Some individuals may even purchase extra furniture for the sole purpose of stuffing them with things.

When individuals continuously purchase new items and never get rid of old items, clutter starts to build, and it builds quickly. Excessive clutter in the home often causes anxiety, and ongoing stress. Disorganization is a major cause of stress, according to many experts. The time and effort that it takes to look for items that are not easily findable can cause your heart rate to increase and making you feel flustered. According to a study performed at Yale, individuals who hoard items (or live in cluttered environments )have much higher risks of depression and can develop attention deficit disorder during adulthood.

Pests and bugs tend to gravitate towards clutter as well. Mice, rats, cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, and ants hide in cluttered areas to escape from predators. They often build nests and reproduce in these cluttered areas. Individuals exposed to their excrement can develop allergies, rashes, and unknown illnesses. The excrement created by small pests is often microscopic, making it impossible to see. Many individuals who knowingly live with these pests set traps and spray insecticides, which can lead to respiratory issues. The best way to deal with this problem is to clear the cluttered area completely to get rid of the bugs and pests.

Staying organized and periodically getting rid of excess items is the best way to keep a home free of clutter. Keeping a clutter-free home is a surefire way to ensure that your home is a beautiful and healthy environment to live in.

Miguel is an avid blogger, father of 2, and recent proud homeowner. He loves studying architecture, home design and decor and plans to one day buy a custom house plan to build his dream home.


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10 Ways to Turn Your Bedroom from Clutter Filled to Designer Chic

10 Ways to Turn Your Bedroom from Clutter Filled to Designer Chic

It’s easy for a bedroom to become disorganized. As one of the most lived-in rooms in the house, it is a natural magnet for all types of paper, books, toys, and knick-knacks. Since your bedroom is where you sleep, it’s important you keep it as neat as possible to encourage relaxation at night.

Arrange the Clothing in Your Closet
Your closet was not designed to be a refuge for every article of clothing you have ever owned. Go through your closet and remove anything you haven’t worn in the last year. With the exception of some types of formal wear, if you haven’t worn it in the last 12 months you probably won’t wear it in the next 12 months. Donate the clothes to a charity, and make room in your closet so you can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

Reorganize Your Drawers
It’s so much easier to shove an article of clothing in the back of a drawer than decide whether or not to keep it. If your drawers are so packed that you can’t find what you need when you need it, then it is time to weed out clothing you don’t wear. This goes double for items you don’t wear because they are stained, don’t fit, or don’t look good on you.

Take Advantage of the Space Under Your Bed
Evict the boogieman and put a few large plastic storage bins under your bed. Choose wheeled bins for easy access. Storage bins are ideal for items you use infrequently, like uncomfortable shoes.

Use Baskets
Baskets are a good way to make your bedroom look neat quickly. A laundry basket is a must, and so much better than a pile of clothing on the floor. Put a wastebasket next to your nightstand so you can easily throw out tissues and other bits of garbage.

Hang Art
Don’t clutter every surface with framed photos. Instead, hang your photos in small groups around the room and free up your tabletop space.

Put Things in the Right Room
If your bedroom has become home to wayward items that belong in the playroom or garage, then put them where they belong.

Get a Covered Desk
If your desk is in your bedroom, it’s easy to get sidetracked by work at bedtime. To prevent this, invest in a desk with a solid cover to prevent you from being distracted by work at the wrong time.

Use a Shoe Tree
Organize shoes on a hanging shoe tree in your closet. This frees up floor space and makes it easy to find shoes when you need them.

Put Personal Care Items on a Vanity
Vanities are a convenient way to keep your personal care items organized. A bath vanity can go in the master bathroom or in your bedroom.

Clear Your Nightstand
Keep your nightstand free of anything you will not use immediately before bed or upon arising. For most people, that means having only one book, a clock, a bottle of water, and a box of tissues.

Miguel Salcido is an avid blogger, father of 2, and recent proud homeowner. He loves studying architecture and home design and decor and plans to one day buy a custom house plan to build his dream home.

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Organizing a Shared Bathroom ~ 14 Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Chaos Free

Organizing a Shared Bathroom ~ 14 Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Chaos Free

If several household members are sharing a bathroom, follow these 14 tips to help organize it.

Tip #1

  • Clean out every drawer and shelf in the bathroom. Get rid of anything that isn’t being used.

Tip #2

  • Move your medicines to the kitchen. The heat and steam in the bath can ruin them.

Tip #3

  • Give each household member a different colored basket to fill with toiletries. No sharing. Make sure everyone has their own toothpaste, eye drops, cosmetics and grooming supplies. Each person will keep the basket in his or her bedroom.

Tip #4

  • Evaluate your storage. You will need places for: towels, nail care, extra paper, feminine hygiene products, hair care and back-up supplies of soap and shampoo. Nothing else belongs in the bathroom.

Tip .#5

  • Use a shower/bath caddy for shampoo and soap. They hang on the wall of your shower and keep the clutter out of your shower area. They are relatively inexpensive and available in many different styles.



Tip #6

  • Set up a drip-dry container for bath toys if you have small children.
  • Corner to corner suction cup hammocks work well

Tip #7

  • Make space for a small, lidless hamper or laundry basket. Otherwise, have a system for depositing used towels in the laundry room.

Tip #8

  • Use hooks instead of towel racks for kids. They’ll be more likely to use them. Have as many hooks and/or towel racks as you have persons using the bathroom.

Tip #9

  • Make a checklist of all products in your bathroom as well as those used by each individual. Review your list weekly before shopping.

Tip #10

  • Explore the variety of storage options you can use in the bath.
  • Small countertop drawers can organize cotton balls and Q-Tips.
  • Use cutlery trays in drawers, plastic shelves under the sink and caddies which attach to doors.
  • Rolling carts can all contain the clutter that frequently accumulates in this much-used room. To keep things organized, each person can have one basket on the cart.

Tip #11

  • If pressed for space when storing towels, consider a space-saving towel rack that clips right over the back of the bathroom door.

Tip #12

  • Transform the dead space over your toilet by adding a stacked cabinet to store some of those items that have been kept under the sink.

Tip #13

  • Consider installing a shower dispenser right on the wall to dispense liquid soap, shampoo and conditioner and eliminate all of that clutter

Tip #14

  • Use organizational cosmetic containers or even small boxes to organize each person’s cosmetics individually.
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