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Dressing for Success – There is Life After Kids

Dressing After Kids

Everyone reaches milestones where their lives change forever. Babies arrive, schedules become hectic and budgets get tight. Dressing yourself becomes low priority, and there is temptation to wear those sweats and pajama tops forever! Having kids can change your body shape drastically, and aging also has its effects. Getting to know the new you and relearning how to dress stylishly can be easier if you follow a few simple rules. Whether you are a stay at home mom or a high powered business woman, you can (more…)

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Be A Sharp Dressed Man – Fashion Tips For Men

Sharp Dressed Man

Guys feel the need to follow fashion, too! Not as dramatically as women, perhaps, but there are a few good guidelines to looking modern and sophisticated.

Men don’t agonize over their body shape and color palette as much as women do, and the choices are not quite as overwhelming. Finding something that fits well and looks good can (more…)

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Looking for a New Image? Let a Professional Show You The Way

Nothing to Wear

If you find that you’re always buying clothes that you never wear, an Image Consultant can actually save you a lot of money. She will evaluate your body shape and coloring and find those clothes that, in the words of the old song, help “accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative.” Once you understand (more…)

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5 Ways to Find the Right Bra Size


Finding the right bra takes time. This is why 80% of women are currently wearing the wrong bra size. By following a few simple tips, you can be on your way to finding the most comfortable bra that you have ever worn and wearing the one that gives you the most support and the most flattering silhouette.

Tip 1: Measure, measure, measure.

If you have never had a bra fitting, you should consider getting one. You can wear a bra and a thin T-shirt to get the fitting done. It will only take a few minutes. (more…)

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Some Simple Guidelines For Men’s Fashion


Looking your best isn’t hard if you follow a few simple guidelines. The man of today is concerned about his appearance – many people judge you by the image you present to the world. (more…)

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Dressing for a formal Birthday party

Jeans and Jacket

Hi there,

I read your article on Dressing For A Formal Event. I was hoping you could help me. My husband’s cousin is having a semi formal 30th bday party in the evening. I already have something fun and fresh to wear but we’re stuck on my husband. He’s 36 so he doesn’t want to dress like an old man but he doesn’t want to look like he’s trying to dress too young either. Wants to look hip, but not ridiculous. Help!!! What should he wear? Keep in mind; he’s a pretty big guy. (more…)

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Spring Versus Summer Complexions

Four Seasons

I am not sure if I am a spring or summer, I have a fairly neutral skin tone when buying makeup the yellow undertone is too yellow and the pink too pink. I am a little over 50, my hair is now a drab darker blond (when having it colored I like golden accents the best) I never know if a white or off-white blouse looks best on me. I have had more compliments on a peachy pink sweater I wear and turquoise. (more…)

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The missing sock syndrome – it happens to all of us!

Missing Sock

Solution: Keep an old pillowcase in your laundry area. When a lone sock appears, toss it in the bag. At the end of the month, most socks will be reunited as pairs when you open the bag.

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Darker Skin Tones and Hair Color

Dear Kathi,

I have attached a picture of me, please tell me what color would look best with my skin tone. I want to go lighter, maybe honey blonde or a lighter brown with highlights, what do you think would look best?
Erika J. Rivera
U.S. Attorney’s Office
Major Crimes Section


It would help to see your hair down in natural lighting in order to be certain about my reccomendation. With this photo as the example, I would suggest keeping your hair dark black or dark brown. If you want to weave in highlights, use a caramel or wheat highlight color. Both of these look great on darker hair.

If you decide to go light brown or blonde, you will not find any consumer mix light enough so don’t even think about trying to do it on your own. My makeover hairstylist, Lisa Knight of Orange Salon, says that you will end up with an unpleasant ginger color. If you do go blonde, you will absolutely have to step up your makeup routine and wear (at the minimum) eyeliner and mascara all of the time to pull it off.

Have fun and send me your ‘after’ photo!

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Image Tips for Men

Polo Shirt

Dear Kathi,

I often wear ties to business receptions. I always wonder how high or low I should wear my tie clip.

How do I know if a pair of shoes goes well with a suit?

Also, I have a question about polo shirts. Should I wear a t-shirt with my polo shirt? Does it matter if I wear it with or without a tee? Do I tuck them into my jeans?

James, San Diego


Tie clips are now back in style! Wear your clip at mid center by button holes 4-5 midway between your pec and your abs. For a younger look, you can wear it placed between the third and fourth button of the shirt and angled slightly down. Whether or not to angle your tie clip is always controversial and has been seen latley in fashion for younger men. Always choose a tie clip that is narrower than the tie.

You can also use a tie tack. Choose a simple design and secure it from 1/3 to less than 1/2 the distance below the knot.

The shoes that go best with suits will have leather soles and hand stitching. Wingtips are always a safe bet as they go well with suits and more casual sport coats. A tuxedo can dress up an Oxford. Oxfords also look sophisticated and fabulous with a suit. The Cap-Toe Oxford, the more casual version of the original Oxford, sometimes has tiny holes along the seam.Choose a shoe that is darker in color than the suit. Coordinate with the neutral color of the suit. For instance, if your suit is brown, wear brown or cordovan shoes. If it is black, wear black shoes. Navy suits can be paired with black or dark cordovan shoes.

Socks should be matched to your slacks, not your shoes. This will give you an elongated leg line.

Polos can be worn with or without a t-shirt. If you choose to wear a t-shirt, wear both shirts untucked. Never tuck both in at the same time, always keeping the polo on top, untucked.

When layering shirts, wearing the darkest color on top makes them easy to coordinate. You can wear a lighter color shirt on top, but have to consider whether or not the shirt below shows through, which makes the whole process of getting dressed more complicated.

Layering is currently in style, and also provides versatile climate control, especially with the temperature variations throughout the day in San Diego. So live it up and layer!

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