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Clothing Sizes and Fit ~ why it is difficult to find the right size


Finding the right size clothes is often a very mysterious and painstaking process. Today, a woman who always used to fit into size 8 clothing will probably find clothes that fit and are labeled from sizes 6-10.

My clients often ask – how does this happen? Well, chaos (more…)

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A Guide to Measuring Your Bra Size

Bra Fitting

Things to know when having a bra fitting:

-The numeric part of your bra size is the band and the alphabetical part of your bra size is the cup.

-You don’t have to strip down to your bare breasts. If you are shy or uncomfortable, a fitting can be (more…)

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Tips for African Women with Warm Skin Tones

Dear Kathi,
I am African with a warm skin tone (green veins). I am going on vacation in March to Jamaica with my husband of 14 years.  This is our first real vacation together alone and want to look and feel my best.  What can I do to make this the best trip ever? I want to look irresistibly hot and sexy for him and all other guys since they typically gauge how sexy you are after themselves by other men’s oogling. HELP?


HI Christine,
Thanks for contacting me! I need more info to help you. How would you describe your body shape? What age, weight and height?
Best Regards,

Well, thanks for responding so promptly by the way as my vacation begins next week.  I am Black fairly thin.  I am 5’9 and weigh about 140 lbs which drops often throughout the year so that is not completely accurate.  I have a 36D breast size which I hate because people don’t realize that I have curvaceous qualities until they see me in fitted clothing which is rare.  I am hippy also.  But I have very skinny arms and legs.  My stomach is kind of a pouch due to my two kids.  It just doesn’t seem to go away no matter how much I fast, don’t eat, exercise, nothing works for this pouch.  To be more precise here is a pic of me but I have skinny legs!  As you can see I am pretty busty but my arms and legs are thin.  This is a pic of me on a family vacation last summer.  Did I mention I am 37 years old.  I really want to impress my husband as he is my best friend, and artist and one that made me confident and proud of myself no matter how I look.  I owe him tremendously.  Thanks so much for your help. Make me a superstar!


Great photo– you look beautiful. I would start by getting professionally fitted for a new bra, you could be possibly a 36E, by the looks of it. Most women wear the wrong size bra for years. It will make a world of difference and the betties will be hoisted to a mid point between your shoulder and elbows.  You should be able to get this from a “major” department store….the higher end the better…Nordstrom’s is the BEST.   You will need a supply of Microfiber panties so panty lines will not show under your light colored clothing.

Consider changing your base hair color to something less blue/black to more of a warm gold/chocolate…dark but warm.  Your facial lines tells me that you cold wear your hair up and back the whole time which would be easy and elegant however that would depend on whether your husband prefers long locks.  A nice sun hat…you might want to pick that up day one in the island if you like to wear them.  Even though big sunglasses are in you’re face is narrow so I’d downsize 20% there…the warm tones you chose of tortoise shell and gold are great!

To be sexy in the islands feel free to show off your décolletage (chest, collar bones), arms and legs which means you’re sleeveless most of the time but make sure you pick up one or two pashminas (wraps) in vibrant colors for evening coolness.  Try corals, pumpkins and saffron.  Choose one basic color palette for your wardrobe to make packing easy….white or cream would be an excellent base color…then pop Caribbean colors with wraps, shoes, earrings, bracelets .  Make sure to pack a sexy black/brown/navy dress for a special night out….empire waist, V-neck, sleeveless, show some leg, and a skinny strappy heel.

I would recommend mostly skirts and dresses rather than shorts or slacks….keep feminine and flowy.  ‘Flowy’ only works if part of the outfit is fitted, ie ‘flowy’ top skinny skirt or flowy skirt fitted top.  If you’re concerned about a fitted top over you belly go for the ruching or slight flare over the bottom half of the blouse. If you’re swimming or sunning you will go thru two or three swim suits.

Flat sexy sandals will take you thru the day and into the night….especially if they are metallic.

Have fun and send me a photo of your new sexy look when you return!


You are a tremendous help.  Your advice is overwhelmingly on point and amazing.  I have numbered all the steps needed for my transformation.  I can’t wait to see the outcome. I will most definitely send you a picture of the outcome and of course you may use my photo and advice for your site. You have been such a huge help.  I can’t thank you enough.  If that is all you are asking for, feel free.  I have so much to do before next Monday.  I have to make some returns of some of my purchases prior to this message. I made some boo, boos.  Thanks again Kathy!



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A Guide to Men’s Wedding Guest Attire

Wedding Suit

There are some rules of thumb for men to consider when deciding what to wear to a wedding. Appropriate dress will vary depending on where the wedding is held, what time of day it occurs, and whether or not the couple decides on a formal or informal reception.

For a morning or informal daytime wedding, (more…)

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Enjoy Summer in the Perfect Hat

Summer Hat

A Guide for Choosing the Right Hat

Are you looking for the perfect summer hat? How will you know if it is the right hat for you? Hats are not just for summer sun protection, they should also be stylish!

You simply can’t start searching for the right hat without considering the shape of your face. Keep in mind that you should never buy a hat that resembles the shape of your jaw line. Plus the crown should not be narrower than your cheekbones. Here are some pointers to determine what hat goes best for your face shape.


Almost any hat shape will work for you. However, choose hats with a streamline shape and large brims which are swept upwards because these will flatter your face the most. Crowns should be either round or square. Wear them forward or across the brow. If you are short or petite with an oval face, narrow proportioned brims will be most flattering.


You can choose hats with small or medium brims with asymmetrical styles. Crowns should be square shaped. Wear them forward or slightly slanted to give your face additional length and reduce the roundness. Avoid hats that have rounded crowns.


Wide to medium to fuller brims are suggested. Look for trims that will draw the eye up. Simply wear them straight or forward. Sharp and straight styles are best because they cut the length of your face. Don’t buy hats with tall, narrow shapes. Purchase hats that bring balance to your shoulders and your body.


Large brims accompanied by soft lines and upturned brims are encouraged. Crowns should be round or curved edge square. On this face shape, the taller the hat the better. Wear your hat slanted or tilted to one side to reduce the square edges. You can add earrings to improve your look.


Bretons, or upturned brims, work best for this face. Off the face styles are also encouraged. Pillboxes are also good for wide faces. Wear them back a little bit to add lift to your face.


Asymmetrical designs will flatter a heart shaped face. Square or round crowns are good. Wear them tilted to one side. Choose a small hat that draws attention upwards. Or something with an eye-catching trim. Never wear large or heavy shapes.


You should divert everyone’s attention from your jaw line. Look for something that emphasizes your eyes. A short, uneven brim and lofty crown should do the trick.

Emphasize your eyes and draw focus away from your strong jaw line. Or you can go with a hat with rolled or upswept brim. Wear it straight across the brow or hairline. Stay away from pointed hats or hats with sharp angles.

*profile brims compliment all shapes of faces.

If you are not sure what the shape of your face is, here is what you should do. Stand in front of the mirror and with a bar of soap, trace your reflection. Then stand back and objectively look at the traced image.

In addition, consider your skin color in choosing the perfect hat. Look for something that will accentuate your skin tone. Hats with warm colors like pink or rust are recommended for pale skin. On the other hand, darker skin tones can wear almost any color. Keep in mind that black is never suggested for very dark skin tones nad rarely for anyone unless it is worn high and well way from your face.

Don’t forget to take your height into account. Narrow brims with higher crowns will make shorter people look taller. Tall women should look for a flat crown. Remember that the height of a hat should always be in proportion to the body and its width should not be wider than the shoulders.

All of the rules stated above are very helpful and should be followed to end up with the perfect hat. However, there is always an exception to every rule. If you feel you are comfortable in a particular hat and it gives you the confidence you need for a specific occasion, then by all means go for it!

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Darker skin can wear bright makeup colors


Vivid colors look amazing against a deeper skin tone! In fact, dark complexions are the best palettes for vibrant shades. But many women of color are hesitant to wear them for fear of looking over-done or “clownish”. If you choose colors that don’t clash with the undertones in your skin, bright makeup colors will blend in and look natural on any skin tone. Remember, if you look best in gold jewelry your undertones are warm, if it’s silver then you are a cool, and if you look equally fabulous in both then your undertones are neutral. Here are some basic rules you can follow to help you look fierce in bright colors:

1. The “No Competition” Clause–Choose a feature to highlight with your bright color, either eyes or lips not both! If you’re rocking a bright eye shadow pair it with a neutral lip color. If you’re wearing a vibrant lip, go with a more toned down eye color.

2. Focus bright eye shadow on the lid only—Place your bright shadow between the lash line and the crease and don’t carry it all the way to the brow bone. That look only works on the runway.

3. Don’t be too matchy—Choose colors that compliment your eye color rather than match it. Purples and plums accent green eyes; coral and bronze look great with blue eyes; and brown eyes can go with just about anything.

4. Play with colored eye liner—For just a “pop” of color use a vibrant eye liner. Outline the top for a more subtle look…your lashes will tone it down….or go bold by lining the bottom. If you’re feeling adventurous wear a different color on top and bottom that complement each other.

5. The intensity of cheeks and lips should be the same—If you’re wearing a vibrant lip color be sure to match the intensity on your cheeks with a blush in the same color family. If you’re lip is nude or neutral your cheeks should also reflect that same tone.

The most important rule for wearing bright color on a deeper skin tone is to wear it with confidence! If you know you look good, others will know it too!

This article was contributed by Karol Young Mose

Visit her YouTube channel for video tutorials on these concepts


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Dressing for Success – There is Life After Kids

Dressing After Kids

Everyone reaches milestones where their lives change forever. Babies arrive, schedules become hectic and budgets get tight. Dressing yourself becomes low priority, and there is temptation to wear those sweats and pajama tops forever! Having kids can change your body shape drastically, and aging also has its effects. Getting to know the new you and relearning how to dress stylishly can be easier if you follow a few simple rules. Whether you are a stay at home mom or a high powered business woman, you can (more…)

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Be A Sharp Dressed Man – Fashion Tips For Men

Sharp Dressed Man

Guys feel the need to follow fashion, too! Not as dramatically as women, perhaps, but there are a few good guidelines to looking modern and sophisticated.

Men don’t agonize over their body shape and color palette as much as women do, and the choices are not quite as overwhelming. Finding something that fits well and looks good can (more…)

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Looking for a New Image? Let a Professional Show You The Way

Nothing to Wear

If you find that you’re always buying clothes that you never wear, an Image Consultant can actually save you a lot of money. She will evaluate your body shape and coloring and find those clothes that, in the words of the old song, help “accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative.” Once you understand (more…)

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5 Ways to Find the Right Bra Size


Finding the right bra takes time. This is why 80% of women are currently wearing the wrong bra size. By following a few simple tips, you can be on your way to finding the most comfortable bra that you have ever worn and wearing the one that gives you the most support and the most flattering silhouette.

Tip 1: Measure, measure, measure.

If you have never had a bra fitting, you should consider getting one. You can wear a bra and a thin T-shirt to get the fitting done. It will only take a few minutes. (more…)

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