Letting go after a loved one has passed away

Often I’ve been called in to help people with what I consider very sacred organizing work which is to help a client move on after the death of a loved one. This often involves releasing the things that are no longer relevant to them that might have been relevant to their loved one. The client does not need to keep these things in their life because it makes them sad. When organizing a loved one’s belongings after their transition, it’s all about energetics; getting rid of the things that make them feel sad and keeping only the things that have good memories attached to them. It’s very precious sacred work and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to help my clients move on and get back into life full tilt as single individuals with joy. You can’t really move on into a new single life if you don’t release a lot of the old stuff from your loved one. I do this work often and I consider it a privilege and an honor to help my clients do this.

Here is an example of an area that needed to be purged of a loved one’s belongings so my client could use the space productively:

Here is the space after the organization process:

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What Documents to Keep and What You Can Pitch

Click image to see a larger versionDocuments To Keep and Documents To Pitch for Tax TimeFall Filing Cabinet Fix-Up: What To Keep and What To Pitch via H&R Block

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Even the most organized executive assistants could use a little help

Executive Assistant

I recently had the opportunity and pleasure to work with an executive assistant at a local corporation. She handled 8 legal attorneys and all of their work and demands. When I was called in, she was getting prepared to handle 15 more, so her workload was essentially tripling. Although she was already very organized, taking on this increased caseload meant she needed to be impeccably organized and efficient. I came up with a few solutions for her that should help.

We went through the papers on her desk, which she had been leaving in piles, and when something was needed she would sort through the piles. Even though she didn’t have that many papers, it was still challenging for her to retrieve them at a moment’s notice as attorneys needed them. The first solution I created for her was a vertical action file system with space for 8 bins, one for each attorney. When she completed paperwork, she would keep them loose in these vertical bins. We also made a manila folder within each bin for travel expenses and another one for upcoming events. When she receives expense receipts or information for an upcoming trip, she can just put them in those designated folders within that attorney’s vertical bin.

We also focused on bundling her tasks. Our plan was for her to submit all expense reports on Thursday afternoons so they would be ready before their Friday deadlines. She is able to create a strict cut off time for the attorneys to submit expense receipts to her so she will always have everything she needs to get this job done on Thursday afternoons.

This executive assistant likes writing physical to do lists as new tasks come in, but she was using a small notebook which caused her lists to take up many pages that she was constantly flipping through. I suggested she use a legal pad and divide it up into sections by either attorney or type of task so as new tasks came in she could easily list them all on one or two pages. Once she gets this new to do list organized in a way that works best for her, she will create a template on the computer so she can print out blank to do lists at the beginning of each week.

Because she will be adding 15 more attorneys to her caseload, we have allocated space in the file drawer in her desk by using a hanging file folder for each attorney with manila folders for expenses and upcoming events within each one. Office supplies that were taking up space in this drawer have been moved behind her, with only a couple often used forms and labels remaining in the drawer for quick access.

Current projects are now held in a vertical paper holder on her desk as a daily task list. Once she completes her most urgent projects, she can refill the paper holder with new tasks. She has also committed to spending the first 15 minutes of each work day going through her current task list before reading new emails and getting work done. This helps her prioritize and organize her day before dealing with any new tasks. This 15 minute period will allow her to approach her day proactively instead of reacting to each new request as it comes in.

It was a pleasure to work with this organized and competent woman and I am sure that once she gets into this new work flow, she will be even more productive and able to handle her increased workload. I can’t wait to see her progress and I’m sure a promotion is soon to come.

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3 Myths About Clutter That Are Probably Causing You Stress

Look around you, if you see mess and clutter, it is causing you well deserved peace of mind.

And with so many misconceptions about what it really takes to live efficiently, it’s no wonder that many people never truly get organized.

To get you started on the right path, I’m going to debunk 3 myths about home organization right now:


Myth 1: You have to be an expert.

I assure you, you need no special experience or skills to organize your home and live clutter-free.

You simply need the desire to get there, and a few pieces of insider know-how.


Myth 2: You have to always focus on the big picture.

When organizing, don’t think of each room as a whole. That means, don’t think to yourself…

“How am I going to organize my bathroom?”

Instead, think small, and tackle each section of a room individually.

For a bathroom, that would include the medicine cabinet, under the sink, and linen closets.


Myth 3: It’s going to take a long time.

While finishing your entire house may take months, you’ll feel the joys of organization as soon as you begin.

And those good feelings will motivate you to continue organizing until a project is done.

To see exactly how to organize each individual component to each of the rooms in your home, click here now:

And get excited to have the home of your dreams!

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Do you have a proper filing system? A system that helps you get rid of papers that you no longer want, need or use?

The Wall Street Journal reports the average U.S. executive loses six weeks per year retrieving misplaced information from messy desks and files. The Small Business Administration claims that when paperwork is mishandled it will detract from a company’s ability to service customers, increase sales and improve their bottom line.

Do you have a proper filing system? A system that helps you get rid of papers that you no longer want, need or use? If not, get your papers in your home or office under control with the help of Freedom Filer.

Freedom Filer is the only paper organizing system in the world that helps you get your papers gone!

If you need help getting your system built and ready to roll, call on me. I am a certified paper flow specialist. With my help, your papers will be under control and flowing out or your life on a regular basis!

In person and tele consulting appointments available. Call or email for details.

Contact Kathi at 760.436.4266 or email


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Can You Get Your Kids To Organize Their Rooms? Yes, You Can!

Contrary to what you may think, it IS possible for your kids to clean and organize their rooms all by themselves.

It just takes a little implementation on your part, then their oganization (and your stress-free environment) becomes inevitable.

- Use stackable boxes (built in accordance with your child’s height) and label them according to which toys go there: blocks, dolls, etc.
- Give your labels an extra dose of fun by using picture labels in addition to text ones.
- Store less-reached-for toys on higher shelves. As toys “climb the ranks” of the shelves, you’ll know which ones are suitable for donating when the time is right… without having to sort through toy after toy.

To discover other simple and effective ways to keep your childrens’ room neat and organized, click here:

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Keeping Your Jewelry Collection Organized

Keeping your jewelry organized and easily accessible is the key to having fun with your accessories while getting dressed. For many of us, out of sight is truly out of mind. We need to see the choices available as we get dressed and a jumble of necklaces in the bottom of a drawer rarely serves that purpose.

Jewelry armoires provide a simple solution to storing your entire jewelry collection under one roof. As a stand-alone storage device, they have large, but limited storage space and create parameters on how large your jewelry collection can grow. Because they take up a small amount of floor space, they often fit perfectly in small closets or bathrooms. You can also keep the drawers open as you choose your accessories so you can see all of your options at once. If you don’t have the money or space for a jewelry armoire, here are a few other tried and true methods to keep your jewelry organized and quickly accessible:

Get Your Necklace Collection in Order

Buy an attractive wall rack, one-armed paper towel rack or bathroom towel rack. Hang this at eye level above your dresser or inside the door of your closet. Chain your necklaces on this rod spread them out so you can see each individual piece.

If your collection is small, you can also use a shaker-style peg rack. The key to keeping order is to hang no more than 2-3 necklaces on each peg.

For exceptional jewelry items, buy a shadow box frame with a door and install a cup hook or t-tack to hang your item on the back panel.

T-shaped craft pins can also be into your wall in a row just below a mirror. Hanging no more than two necklaces on each hook will keep them untangled.

Use straws to keep dainty chain necklaces from kinking. Simply run one end through the straw and attach the clasp at the other end. Trim your straw to fit the necklace length.

If you prefer to keep your jewelry in a drawer, line your drawer with the original boxes. Use the lids as dividers as well. Line them all snug in a row and everything will be in order when you open the drawer.

Egg crates can also serve as nifty little nesting pouches within your drawer.

For the artistic creative types, find a tree branch and coat it in iridescent paint. Anchor it into a pretty vase with rocks and hang your necklaces from the branches

Remove the crystals from an antique chandelier and hang your necklaces on each arm. You can do the same with old table lamps that have many arms below the bulb.

Space at a premium? Use a clear plastic pocket that mounts on the back of your door to keep your jewelry organized and visible.

Earrings Losing Their Mates?

String a sturdy ribbon between two decorative nails on the wall above your dresser to hang your dangly earrings.

Disassemble the back of a pretty picture frame and install a screen with large holes as the new backing. Hang the frame on your wall and your earrings in the frame.

Egg crates also make cozy little nesting pouches for post earrings.

Keep your Bracelets Ready to Go

Install pushpin t-hooks in a line on your wall and hang a bracelet from each hook.

Have a huge bracelet collection? Line your shallow dresser drawer with small boxes and lids. Use as many as you need to fill the drawer completely so they will remain in order. Store one set of bangles or individual bracelets within each area.

Whatever storage method you choose, make sure to hang a mirror in the jewelry area so you can try on your accessories and quickly put them back if they don’t coordinate perfectly with your outfit. Creating an accessory zone will provide quick-change options and make accessorizing and looking fantastic a snap!


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Organizing Your Refrigerator Can Expand Your Wallet and Reduce Your Waistline


Today I’m going to share with you the often overlooked importance of organizing your fridge.

Now, you may want to throw your hands in the air and say, “What?!

I have to organize that too?!”

And the answer is YES! But the good news is that organizing your fridge is easy, and comes with massive additional benefits.

With an organized fridge, meal preparation time can be cut in half or more.

You can also prevent over-eating and excess snacking by having limited quanitites of food in specific places within your fridge.

Additionally, you’ll be able to keep your food for the maximum amount of time without spoilage.

A clear example of this is storing salad dressings, condiments, soda or jelly in your refridgerator drawer — these items are much less likely to spoil at the lower temperatures.

Then, keep your milk and meat towards the top of the fridge, where the temperature is usually coldest.

These very simple tips can save you hundreds of dollars on spoiled food.

See how powerful simple organization is?

To discover how to live at maximum efficiency thanks to simple organization, go here now:

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Six Benefits of Getting Organized

Want to lose weight?                                                                                                               Studies show that weight is directly proportional to amount of clutter in your environment. When your life is cluttered, your movement is hampered. The simple act of trying to find a healthy snack becomes nearly impossible when your fridge or pantry is in shambles and that is just the beginning  . . .

Want to make more money?
Get organized means you will spend less time trying to find the tools you need to do your work. Having all tools at your fingertips lets you spend more time focusing on your business at hand. You will also save money because you will no longer buy items that you already own but cannot find!

Want more time for fun and relaxation this year?
This is a fact ~ when your home is clear from clutter you have more time because you don’t waste precious minutes or even hours trying to find what you need. Instead, you spend more time enjoying the day. As opportunities arise, you can jump right in!

Want to make big changes in your life this year?
Get rid of your clutter! Thinking clearly helps you make better decisions. Clearing your mind is much easier when you have a clear and organized environment without distractions.

Want extra free time each week?
We all have the same number of hours in a week but, looking around, you might have noticed that some people get a lot more done than others. Work with a Professional Organizer to set up a comprehensive time management game plan to help you grab control of your schedule and create more time for fun!

Want to stop feeling overwhelmed and tired?
Clear some of the clutter in your home. Empty space is invigorating and always gives you more energy. The less stuff you own, the more life presents new opportunities. Most importantly, the less clutter you have surrounding your life and your mind, the easier it will be to grab each opportunity with gusto!

Get started today! Even doing one of these steps will jetapult you  into a better life!



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3 Questions to Help Alleviate Clutter Overwhelm

Today I’m going to shed some light on your relationship with “stuff”.

Think back, for a second, about how at one point or another, your house was entirely empty.

Yet now, all around you lies “stuff” that you’ve collected over the years.

Ask yourself this honestly…

“How much of this do I need?”

“How much of this brings me joy?”

And, most importantly…

“How much of this gets in my way?”

If you find certain items getting in your way and bringing you no joy, then it only makes sense to get rid of them.

Don’t confuse this worthwhile exercise with practicing “minimalism”. Instead, it’s showing you how to identify objects that you’re merely holding onto out of habit.

Any time you feel overwhelmed in your home, look around you and ask these three questions — they can lead to outrageous and hugely beneficial change.

To your beautiful home,





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